About Biblical Integration Ideas
Thanks for visiting Biblical Integration Ideas. My twin sister and I first created Biblical Integration Ideas as a website to provide Christian educators with resources and tools for biblical integration in the classroom. Though we’ve moved the main site to BiblicalIntegration.com, we’ve designed this site to be a more user friendly blog site where you can respond to what we put together.

Deborah Bagley on Biblical Integration Ideas
As a long time Christian educator, I noticed a lack of enthusiasm in Christian schools for biblical integration due in large part to a lack of good training materials and classroom resources for teachers. That’s why I initially created Biblical Integration Ideas.com.

My passion for biblical integration soon outgrew my classroom and I wanted EVERY Christian educator to know and practice Biblical Integration. I began seeking out Christian schools that desired training on how to incorporate biblical integration in the classroom. I used biblical integration principles in my own classroom as I trained my coworkers to do the same.

No longer in the classroom but still as passionate as ever, I am now more focused on training. I am teaching teachers about biblical integration and loving it. If your school needs some help with biblical integration, let me know. I’m here for you.

Dana Bincer and Biblical Integration Ideas
I, too love biblical integration though I have absolutely no training in education.  And that’s ok, cause Deborah needed somone to stick around the office and take care of the technical side of things. Her enthusiasm for the subject is contagious and I am more than happy to help out where my skills allow.

So, as you browse the website, I’m the one responsible for it as well as the design of the posters, the layout of forms and anything that looks more…well, computer generated. If you have feedback on this site or biblicalintegration.com, I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!

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