The world is made up of many geometric shapes. That means math and geometry are designed by God for a purpose. The challenge is to help students see the shapes and why God made things that way. Further, students can be challenged to see where man uses shapes for good or evil.

Discussion Starters:

  • What geometric shapes do you see in nature?
  • What geometric shapes do you see in animals (internally or externally)? How does the shape impact its existence?
  • What if tree trunks and branches were more like rectangular prisms than cylinders? How would they function differently internally and respond to weather externally (less aerodynamic, cylidner is more efficient use of space,…)?
  • Planets are shaped like spheres. What impact does the shape have on the planet (forms an atmosphere, magnetic fields, provides more even covering of atmostphere…)?
  • Where does man use shapes? How does man use shapes? When does man use his knowledge of shapes for evil purposes?
  • What is the purpose of symmetry? What if trees did not grow in a symmetrical type fashion?

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