Students should be made aware that a nation’s constitution is not religion or philosophy free. The writers of a constitution have beliefs about the nature of man and the universe that directly impact how they formulate the document. The belief or unbelief in God influences the writing, as well as one’s belief about the character and nature of God.

It is also important to note that Truth is absolute, so that, while people of different philosophies may write constitutions with specific philosophical leanings, all people can discover those absolute Truths resulting in constitutions that have many similarities.

Discussion Starters

  • What was the faith or philosophical background of the founders of the US Constitution?
  • How did the faith of the founders influence the preamble and specific amendments of the Constitution?
  • Which phrases of the preamble or amendments would be different if the founders had been Muslim (or other religion/philosophy)?
  • Which amendments are biblically based (can specifically be supported by Bible verses)?
  • Which amendments are historically based (written in response to other countries’ laws)?
  • How could amendments not specifically supported by the Bible be supported or refuted by biblical principles?

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